Water Watchers is a four week challenge to help you (individually or as part of a group) soak up water saving information, ideas, tips and resources and with support from our water saving community, take actions to be more resourceful reducing your personal water use.

In this website you will find information about why it is important to save water and by joining the challenge, we will help you discover how you can reduce your water use, making a difference to your local and global environments.

Water Watchers is a RiverCare project supported by Anglian Water and Keep Britain Tidy.


The average person in the UK uses 150 lts of water per day, that is equivalent to 15 buckets of water per day and 5,340 buckets in a year! That is a lot of water, especially when you consider all of the people, as well as the animals, plants and ecosystems, in England and around the world, that share and depend on this very limited resource.

The goal of the Water Watchers challenge is to help you discover how much water you currently use per day - it doesn't matter where you stand at the start of the challenge, what's important is that you embark on this journey - how many buckets of water you can save in four weeks and the difference you can make by using water with care.

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When you register for the challenge, you will get access to water saving information and downloadable materials and we will take you through the four week journey to becoming a Water Watcher.

The first step of the challenge will be to explore and understand your current water usage. You will then set yourself a water reduction target (either individually or with your group) and every week you will focus on one action that will help you achieve it. At the end of each week you will check your progress and upload your results and by the end of the challenge, you will hopefully have become an expert Water Watcher and made a huge difference individually and collectively.

Check out the How it works infographic below.

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Every time you complete a week of the challenge, upload your results here so we can know how you are getting on and support you as best as we can.

By uploading your results, you will add your water savings to our shared collective impact and see the positive contributions you, your group (if you are part of one) and all of us together are making by learning to value water.


Check out the Water Watchers Leader board and see the positive impact you and others are making through your positive actions at home.

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